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Gravity Forms Entries in Excel, Brought to You By GravityView!

Written by Casey Burridge

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*GF Entries in Excel is now GravityExport Lite.

We’re excited to announce that GravityView is now the proud home of the popular GF Entries in Excel plugin! This plugin provides users with a helpful way to export their Gravity Forms data into Excel, and we are so proud to be the ones to offer it.

Users love the plugin: it features thirty-one five-star ratings! Over 8,000 sites currently run GF Entries in Excel.

While GravityView makes it easy to export CSV data from Views that you configure, we saw that users of GF Entries in Excel were excited by the simplicity of setting up an export without needing to configure anything else.

The add-on addresses this need in a simple and powerful way that resonates with people: a single URL that updates. Check out this review:

“This is really, really very good! Does exactly what it has to do. Install, configure and…forget about it! From now this is part of my GF ‘toolbox’.”

nickperry on

We see major potential in this plugin and that’s why we reached out to the original author, Doeke Norg, to see if we could take over maintenance.

What Does GF Entries in Excel Do?

Gravity Forms Entries in Excel integrates directly with Gravity Forms, allowing you to download form entry data in .xlsx format.

The plugin generates a direct download link that you can share with anyone who needs the data.

You can also customize the report by setting a fixed date range for form entries and excluding unwanted fields.

The Entries in Excel feed inside HGravity Forms, showing the download URL for the .xlsx file
Download URLs are easy to share (highlighted in red)

What About the Planned Pro Version With More Features?

GF Entries in Excel logo

We are committed to maintaining the current free version of GF Entries in Excel on, but we also have an amazing Pro version coming soon with awesome new functionality:

  • Remote storage—save files to Dropbox or FTP and they’ll automatically update as new entries are submitted.
  • Download entries as PDF
  • Create multiple download URLs with different filters

If you’re interested in the upcoming Pro version of GF Entries in Excel, sign up below:

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A Note From the Author, Doeke Norg

This is what Doeke (the original author of the plugin) said when we asked him how he feels about GravityView taking the reins.

Doeke Norg, the original author of the Gravity Forms Entries in Excel plugin

I really enjoyed working on Gravity Forms Entries in Excel. It gave me a great look into the wonderful world of Open Source and Gravity Forms.

I’m convinced GravityView is able to provide the necessary support, as well as bring the plugin to the next level in combination with the Pro version.

I want to thank everybody who has donated to me in the past. Those donations were a great way to really see the appreciation for the plugin. I’m grateful for all the positive reviews and personal messages received. You’ll see more of my work in the future!

Doeke Norg, creator of GF Entries in Excel

We feel honored to expand on Doeke’s amazing work and release the new Pro features that he has developed!

Doeke will continue to assist GravityView in maintaining the plugin, but he’s also excited to have more time to work on other projects.

We’re really excited about this add-on and we hope you are too. GravityView provides comprehensive solutions for displaying, importing, editing, and now exporting Gravity Forms data.