Announcing the GravityKit 8th birthday sale?

Announcing the GravityKit 8th Birthday Sale (Get 40% Off!)

Written by Casey Burridge

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On July 24, GravityKit turned 8 years old. To celebrate this special milestone, we’re having a sale (details below)! 🥳

We’d like to thank our wonderful customers, Gravity Forms and the WordPress community for another fantastic year, and reaffirm our commitment to providing quality, open-source software that improves people’s lives!

In this post, we’re taking a look back at what we’ve accomplished over the last year and what we have planned for the rest of 2022 (and beyond). But first…

Get 40% Off GravityKit Plugins!

It’s on. Floaty told us that we have to go all-out this year, so that’s what we’re doing. We’re offering you 40% off all GravityKit plugins and licenses. This includes all yearly bundles (All Access, Core + Extensions and Core) as well as all of our individual Gravity Forms add-ons from our toolkit.

Highlights From the Previous Year

Let’s take a look back at some of our highlights over the previous year…

Launched GravityExport ➡️

In July 2021, we teased the release of “Gravity Forms Entries in Excel Pro”, which we released a month later, under a new name: GravityExport. Since then, we’ve had overwhelmingly positive feedback about the plugin, and we’re continuing to add features and improve functionality. The free version (“GravityExport Lite”) is still available for download from the WordPress plugin directory.

Launched GravityCharts 📈

Earlier this year, we released GravityCharts, the latest addition to our powerful toolkit of Gravity Forms add-ons. GravityCharts allows you to create beautiful visualizations using your form data. You can build data dashboards, create business reports, visualize questionnaire results and more.

Integrated TrustedLogin With GravityView 🔒

In GravityView version 2.13, we added an integration with TrustedLogin, a service that makes it safe and easy for users to share site access with support. This has streamlined our support process, reduced the time it takes for us to solve issues, and most importantly, provided added security for our customers.

💡 Pro tip: Learn more about the need for TrustedLogin and how it will change the way companies handle support requests: Why TrustedLogin?

GravityKit Rebrand 👩‍🚀

In May 2022, we officially changed our brand name from GravityView to GravityKit. The reason was simple: GravityView is the name of one of our plugins, and it didn’t make sense for it to be our business name as well! 

WordCamp Europe 🌍

In June 2022, the GravityKit team attended WordCamp Europe in Porto, Portugal. We learned a ton, and spent valuable time planning for the future. Floaty couldn’t make it, unfortunately… something about not liking the gravity down here on Earth…

108 New Helpful Guides, Articles, and Videos 💁

Finally, since our last birthday update, we’ve published…wait for it…108 new articles on our blog, including forty-six “How To” guides and tutorials! We’re looking forward to continuing to publish helpful content for our customers and the wider Gravity Forms community.

What We’re Setting Our Sights on for the Rest of 2022 and Beyond

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s currently making its way to the GravityKit launchpad… 

Radius search for our Maps extension has been a highly requested feature for some time. And we’re pleased to announce that it’s almost ready for release! When it’s ready, you’ll be able to search for directory entries within a certain radius. Can I get a heck yeah?

Brand New Settings, Licensing, and Translation Framework

Our lead developer, Vlad, has been working hard on building a brand new settings and licensing framework for our plugins. When it’s released, settings and license information for all GravityKit plugins will be in the same place and easily accessible. It’s going to be a game-changer. You rock, Vlad!

These are our next two big releases, but there may be a few more surprises along the way. To stay up to date, join our newsletter (you’ll get an email twice a month with new tutorials, releases, news and updates — straight from the GravityKit command module 🧑‍🚀).

Floaty photo-bombing the new James Webb telescope as it attempts to unlock the secrets of the universe 😅

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In this post, we looked back at our achievements over the previous year and highlighted two big releases that are on our roadmap for the rest of 2022. To keep up to date with GravityKit goings-on, sign-up for our newsletter below.

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