Beta 2

Just released the next beta of GravityView 2.0

Two Point Oh—Beta two!

Written by Zack Katz

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The next major release of GravityView has made great progress! If you are part of the beta program, you will see Beta 2 in your available plugin updates.

Gennady has been working away at rewriting major parts of GravityView, while also writing tests to make sure we have full backward compatibility. He recently wrote in our company Slack:

Gennady: Overall stuff is really falling into place: the last couple of days were pretty exciting…today things just fell into place and our tests have all green lights.

It’s been over a year since Gennady started working on Version 2, and we’re getting close.

Interested in becoming an early adopter? Opt-in to beta releases by installing GravityView, then turn on “Become a Beta Tester” in your GravityView Settings (navigate to Views > Settings).

Personally, one of the things I’m excited about is how we’re passing data to the template files. The way the information is passed is now much more standardized (and pretty!), making it much easier for developers to use. You can check out the new Template_Context class here.

Version 2.0 – Beta 2 Release Notes

  • Add support for Gravity Forms 2.3
  • Don’t be as aggressive with the template deprecated notices, since mostly it affected DataTables v1
  • Add support for entries that contain sub-entries (getting ready for Joins)
  • Refactor logging: instead of using do_action( 'gravityview_log_notice', … );, use gravityview()->log->notice( 'instead' );!
  • Add our own utility class, to remove dependency on rgar(), rgget(), rgpost(). Instead, use \GV\Utils::_GET() for a GET request, \GV\Utils::_POST() for POST, or \GV\Utils::get() to access an item in an array or object
  • Clean out a ton of deprecated code
  • Refactor the License, Extension, and Addon classes
  • Add Widgets_Collection class
  • Rewrite Widgets to use new Widget_Collection class
  • Context is now passed to templates as a \GV\Template_Context class rather than stdClass Check out the code
  • BREAKING CHANGE: The actions called inside template files are no longer passed GravityView_View instances. They are now passed \GV\Template_Context objects. Affects the following actions: gravityview_list_body_before, gravityview_list_body_after, gravityview_entry_footer_before, gravityview_entry_footer_after, gravityview_entry_class, gravityview_entry_title_before, gravityview_entry_content_before, gravityview_entry_content_after, gravityview_table_body_before, gravityview_table_cells_before, gravityview_table_cells_after, gravityview_table_body_after. If you use the actions listed, please update your code!
  • Version 2 also includes all the updates/improvements made to version 1.x