Configuring the new Other Entries field

GravityView version 1.7.2

Written by Zack Katz

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Many customers have asked how to display other entries that were created by the same user.

Here’s a way this new feature can be used:

Aliyah uses GravityView to display running statistics for a non-profit that holds fund-raiser races. Users submit their statistics on her site, and they take part in multiple races over time. Before, Aliyah had no way to show the other events run by her supporters. Now, she can use the Other Entries field to easily show other races run by the form submitter.

1.7.2 on March 18

  • Added: Other Entries field – Show what other entries the entry creator has in the current View
  • Added: Ability to hide the Approve/Reject column when viewing Gravity Forms entries (Learn how)
  • Fixed: Missing Row Action links for non-View types (posts, pages)
  • Fixed: Embedded DataTable Views with search_value not filtering correctly
  • Fixed: Not possible to change View status to ‘Publish’
  • Fixed: Not able to turn off No-Conflict mode on the Settings page (oh, the irony!)
  • Fixed: Allow for non-numeric search fields in gravityview_get_entries()
  • Fixed: Social icons displaying on GravityView settings page
  • Tweak: Improved Javascript & PHP speed and structure