GravityView version 1.21.5!

Written by Zack Katz

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Update GravityView to keep compatible with Gravity Forms 2.2 and newer

GravityView 1.21 included an important update to make GravityView’s Edit Entry functionality work properly with Gravity Forms 2.2 or newer. If you haven’t yet updated, update GravityView now to keep everything working smoothly.

If you’re running an earlier version of GravityView and you don’t see an update available, let us know.

What’s new in the latest GravityView releases?

  • A new Merge Tag: {current_post}
    The {current_post} Merge Tag adds information about the current post. Read more about it.
  • Edit order details in Gravity Forms
    Gravity Forms doesn’t allow you to edit any order information (product options, or quantity, for example). If you try, you’ll see “Product fields are not editable”. This is a problem for many of our customers—there are valid reasons to edit this information.
  • Improved WPML support
    I want to make sure GravityView works well in all languages, and in Version 1.20, we improved compatibility with WPML links when using different WPML URL formats.
  • A new Beta Testing program
    We recently added new Beta Tester setting in GravityView—this will grant you early access to pre-release versions of the plugin. We’ve been hard at work on a major update that will be available to our Beta Testers in the coming weeks.You can opt-in by going to GravityView settings page (Views > Settings) and checking this box:

    Opt in to beta testing inside GravityView settings

    We don’t recommend enabling Beta Testing on production websites (there may be bugs), but we’d love for you to take part in early releases on your development sites!

That’s a (very) short summary of changes For a full list of recent changes, visit our changelog.