Mint is fresh. So is version 1.15.2!

GravityView version 1.15.2

It rolls off the tongue, doesn't it? "One dot fifteen dot toooo"

Written by Zack Katz

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This release is minty-fresh!

Version 1.15.2 fixes issues where drop-down, radio, and checkbox field searches were not being matched exactly. “Urology” shouldn’t return a match for “Neurology“!

Gravity Forms made a change to their Entries table layout which caused some strange display behavior with GravityView. We’ve fixed this issue.

Version 1.15.2 also fixes a bunch of bugs and improves the plugin in a subtle, but noticeable way. You might find yourself looking twice at the page, thinking “gee, isn’t that nicer somehow?” and not knowing exactly why. There’s a word for it in your language, we’re sure. It’s probably a very pretty word, loaded with meaning.

This update is immediately available for auto-update (as always) on your site’s Plugins page. We hope you have a brilliant day.

Full list of changes:

1.15.2 on December 3

  • Fixed: Approval column not being added properly on the Form Entries screen for Gravity Forms
  • Fixed: Select, multi-select, radio, checkbox, and post category field types should use exact match search
  • Fixed: Cannot delete entry notes from Gravity Forms Entry screen
  • Fixed: Date Range search field label not working
  • Fixed: Date Range searches did not include the “End Date” day
  • Fixed: Support Port docs not working on HTTPS sites
  • Fixed: When deleting an entry, only show “Entry Deleted” message for the deleted entry’s View
  • Fixed: “Open link in a new tab or window?” setting for Paragraph Text fields
  • Fixed: Custom Labels not being used as field label in the View Configuration screen
    • Tweak: Custom Labels will be used as the field label, even when the “Show Label” checkbox isn’t checked
  • Tweak: Show available plugin updates, even when license is expired
  • Tweak: Improve spacing of the Approval column on the Entries screen
  • Tweak: Added support for new accessibility labels added in WordPress 4.4

Developer Notes:

  • Fixed: Make gravityview/fields/fileupload/link_atts filter available when not using lightbox with File Uploads field
  • Renamed files:
    • includes/fields/class.field.php => includes/fields/class-gravityview-field.php
    • includes/class-logging.php => includes/class-gravityview-logging.php
    • includes/class-image.php => includes/class-gravityview-image.php
    • includes/class-migrate.php => includes/class-gravityview-migrate.php
    • includes/class-change-entry-creator.php => includes/class-gravityview-change-entry-creator.php
  • New: gravityview/delete-entry/verify_nonce Override Delete Entry nonce validation. Return true to declare nonce valid.
  • New: gravityview/entry_notes/add_note filter to modify GravityView note properties before being added
  • New: gravityview_post_type_supports filter to modify gravityview post type support values
  • New: gravityview_publicly_queryable filter to modify whether Views be accessible using Default: Whether the current user has read_private_gravityviews capability (Editor or Administrator by default)