Version 1.11.2

It was logical to improve our [gvlogic] shortcode!

Written by Zack Katz

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With this release, we fixed a bug in the shortcode. The shortcode wasn't properly handling situations where the if value was empty. We're starting to pay for translations instead of relying solely on user translation submissions. This should mean that in a week or two, we'll be fully translated in German 🇩🇪 and French 🇫🇷! As always, it's available via auto-update for users with an active license, and you can also download the update on your GravityView Account page.

Version 1.11.2

  • Fixed: Bug when comparing empty values with
  • Fixed: Remove extra whitespace when comparing values using
  • Modified: Allow Avada theme Javascript in "No-Conflict Mode"
  • Updated: French translation