Gravity Forms Event Field

Add an “Event” field type to Gravity Forms for easier event management (supports recurring events!)

Create better event forms

Add an “Event” field to your forms so you can easily collect event information. The “Event” field also supports repeating events with a user-defined repeat frequency.

Simplify your data collection

Simplify creating events in Gravity Forms by bundling multiple input fields into a single powerful field. The “Event” field type includes inputs for all the necessary event information such as Start Date, End Date, Start Time, End Time, Timezone and Status. 

Gravity Forms Calendar

Event management made easy

The Gravity Forms “Event” field integrates with our GravityCalendar add-on for better event management; allow users to submit events through your form and display them on a simple but powerful calendar.

Frequently asked questions

About the Gravity Forms Event Field plugin

Does the Event Field support recurring events?

Yes! The Gravity Forms Event field plugin allows you to create recurring events.

I don’t have GravityCalendar. Can I still use the Event field?

Yes. The Gravity Forms Event field plugin functions as a standalone add-on to Gravity Forms. It’s free for anyone to use, and still much easier than creating events any other way. But if you’re looking to display your events on a calendar, give GravityCalendar a try!

Can I change the date format?

Yes. In the Field Settings, there’s an option to change the date format used for the Start Date and End Date inputs.