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GravityView & Extension Updates

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It’s been a busy week for GravityView

Yesterday and today we released updates to GravityView & our Featured Entries, Visual Composer, and Advanced Filter Extensions.

We’re also making progress on the Ratings & Reviews Extension, and are working to have a beta ready in the next two weeks. It’s really cool :-)

Ratings & Reviews Preview


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About the updates:

GravityView – Version 1.5.2

  • Added: Possibility to show the label of Dropdown field types instead of the value (learn more)
  • Fixed: Sorting numeric columns (field type number)
  • Fixed: View entries filter for Featured Entries extension
  • Fixed: Field options showing delete entry label
  • Fixed: PHP date formatting now keeps backslashes from being stripped
  • Modified: Allow license to be defined in wp-config.php (Read how here)
  • Modified: Added $post_id parameter as the second argument for the gv_entry_link() function. This is used to define the entry’s parent post ID.
  • Modified: Moved GravityView_API::get_entry_id_from_slug() to GVCommon::get_entry_id_from_slug()
  • Modified: Added second parameter to gravityview_get_entry(), which forces the ability to fetch an entry by ID, even if custom slugs are enabled and gravityview_custom_entry_slug_allow_id is false.
  • Updated Translations:

Advanced Filtering Extension – Version 1.0.4

  • Fixed: Do not show entries for non logged users when the ‘Created By’ field value is ‘Logged-in user’
  • Tweak: Added gravityview/adv_filter/view_filters filter to allow modifying the filters generated by the Extension
  • Fixed: Auto-upgrade for Multisite sites
  • Added: Dutch translation (thanks, @erikvanbeek!)

Featured Entries Extension – Version 1.0.6

  • Fixed: Not showing entries when all entries were featured
  • Fixed: Flush GravityView cache when entry is starred or un-starred

Visual Composer Extension – Version 1.0.3

  • Fixed: Label not properly displaying for checkbox options
  • Fixed: PHP notices
  • Updated translations (thanks everyone!)
  • Fixed: Auto-updates for Multisite installations