New Release: GravityExport Lite 1.9.0

New Release: GravityExport Lite 1.9

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We’re pleased to announce the release of GravityExport Lite 1.9!

This update includes mainly structural changes as well as improved compatibility with Gravity Forms 2.5. “GravityExport Lite” is the new name for “Gravity Forms Entries in Excel”. It’s the same plugin you know and love but now it’s easier to say 😁

Entries in Excel vs GravityExport Lite

“Under the Hood” Restructuring 🔧

While not noticeable on the front end, we’ve made a host of improvements “under the hood” to ensure better extensibility. This will help facilitate new feature development for future versions of the plugin. Stay tuned! 😎

Version 1.9 also contains a range of enhancements to assist developers with customization. 

Ready for the Release of GravityExport 🚀

We spent a lot of time getting the plugin ready for the release of GravityExport (previously known as Gravity Forms Entries in Excel Pro). While GravityExport Lite is already a full-featured plugin, GravityExport adds additional functionality for an enhanced experience. With GravityExport you can:

  • Save entries to Dropbox, FTP, or local storage
  • Export entries as PDF files
  • Export data ready for analysis

See the full list of changes to GravityExport Lite 1.9 on

Get the New Update 🙌

GravityExport Lite 1.9 is now available through the plugins page in WordPress. If you don’t have the plugin installed yet, download it for free on

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