8 examples of essential Gravity Forms add-ons and extensions

8 Examples of Essential Gravity Forms Add-Ons and Extensions

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Gravity Forms is the most popular form plugin for WordPress, and as such, site builders are always on the lookout for ways to boost its core features and functionality!

In fact, part of what makes Gravity Forms such a powerful plugin is its extensibility. By making use of the vast ecosystem of add-ons and extensions, you can build almost anything with Gravity Forms.

In this post, we’ll look at 8 examples of essential Gravity Forms add-ons that your forms just can’t do without. Ready? Let’s dive in!

What Are Gravity Forms Add-Ons?

Gravity Forms add-ons are WordPress plugins that add additional functionality to Gravity Forms. While Gravity Forms on its own is still a powerful form solution, add-ons allow you to extend its features and functionality, adding even more power to your website.

Here are a few examples of what Gravity Forms add-ons can provide:

  • Integrations with CRM platforms
  • Integrations with email marketing software
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Ways to display your form data on the front end
  • … And much more!

Before we dive into our 8 examples, it’s worth reminding yourself how to assess the quality of a Gravity Forms add-on.

What to Look for in a Gravity Forms Add-On

If you’re looking to extend Gravity Forms in one way or another, you’ll need to install at least one add-on/extension. However, with so many add-ons available, it can be difficult deciding which ones to use.

When selecting Gravity Forms add-ons to install on your website, you should take the same precautions as you would with any WordPress plugin. A good starting point for assessing any add-on is to ask yourself these three questions:

  • Does it come from a reliable developer?
  • Has it been updated recently?
  • Is it trusted by the Gravity Forms community?

If you can answer “yes” to all those questions, then it’s safe to go ahead and install the add-on on your website!

Add-Ons Offered by Gravity Forms 

Gravity Forms offers a range of add-ons depending on which license you buy. There are three licensing options – Basic, Pro, and Elite. Let’s take a look at each one of them in more detail below.

💡 Pro tip: Looking for a complete Gravity Forms plugin list? Check out the add-ons directory for a complete list of Gravity Forms plugins.

Gravity Forms Basic Add-Ons

The Basic license costs $59/year and gives you access to 15 add-ons that allow you to integrate Gravity Forms with popular third-party applications. 

Here are some of the add-ons included in the Basic license:

  • Hubspot
  • Aweber
  • Constant Contact
  • Mailchimp
  • ActiveCampaign

Gravity Forms Pro Add-Ons

The Pro license includes everything in the Basic license and gives you access to an additional 18 add-ons. The Pro option costs $159/year.

Some of the add-ons that you get with the Pro license include:

  • Dropbox
  • Freshbooks
  • Help Scout
  • PayPal
  • Stripe

Gravity Forms Elite Add-Ons

The Gravity Forms Elite license includes everything in the first two tiers as well as an additional 13 add-ons. The Elite license costs $259/year.

Here are some of the add-ons included in the Elite option:

  • User Registration
  • Survey
  • Polls
  • Quiz
  • Coupons

How to Install Official Gravity Forms Add-Ons

If you already have Gravity Forms installed on your website, you can install official add-ons from inside your WordPress dashboard.

First, hover over Forms and click on Add-Ons. Here you will see a list of all the available official add-ons. To install one, simply click the Install button. WordPress will then download and install the Gravity Forms Add-On. When it’s finished installing, click Activate Plugin.

The Install button for the 2checkout add-on on the Gravity Forms Add-Ons page in WordPress

Customize Gravity Forms With GravityView’s Suite of Essential Gravity Forms Add-Ons

GravityView is a Gravity Forms Certified Developer that builds and maintains a suite of outstanding add-ons for Gravity Forms. Certified developers are long-standing members of the Gravity Forms community and are trusted by Gravity Forms for their top-notch development and support.

Here at GravityView, we’re proud to say that our suite of add-ons offers the best solutions for displaying, editing, importing and exporting Gravity Forms entries!

Using GravityView plugins, you can do awesome things like:

Here’s a quick overview of each add-on that we offer 👇

1. Display Data on the Front End With GravityView

Our flagship Gravity Forms plugin, GravityView, allows you to display form data on the front end of your website using preset layouts. Display form entries in a table, as a list, on a map, in a DataTable or create your own layouts from scratch using HTML and CSS!

After getting acquainted with GravityView, you’ll realize that it’s more than a simple plugin for displaying form data, it’s a framework for building powerful web applications on Gravity Forms! With a visual, drag-and-drop builder and a range of layout templates, GravityView makes it easy to build no-code apps that look great on the front end.

A user profile created using GravityView

Here are some real-world case studies to help you gauge what’s possible with GravityView:

2. Migrate Your Forms and Submissions With Gravity Forms Import Entries

Our Import Entries add-on allows you to import form submissions into Gravity Forms from a CSV file and create new forms automatically. Using Import Entries, you can migrate your forms and submissions from another form plugin (like Ninja Forms or WPForms) to Gravity Forms in a few simple steps.

The Gravity Forms Import Entries screen in WordPress

3. Boost Your Productivity With Inline Edit by GravityView

Inline Editing makes it quicker and easier to update existing entries in Gravity Forms. Our Inline Edit add-on allows you to edit entries without having to click “Edit” on each one individually. This frees up your time for more important tasks and helps boost your productivity!

4. Bulk Update Existing Submissions With GravityActions

Like Inline Edit, GravityActions is an add-on for anyone who spends hours updating Gravity Forms submissions. GravityActions allows you to bulk update hundreds (or thousands) of entries at once and edit multiple field values at the same time.

5. Display Events Using Gravity Forms Calendar

With our Gravity Forms Calendar add-on, you can display existing form submissions on an interactive calendar. This is handy for displaying events, class schedules, personal itineraries and more.

A calendar displaying Gravity Forms entries built using the Gravity Forms Calendar add-on

Our Calendar add-on also includes a feature called “Subscription Links” which allows users to subscribe to your calendar feed from their Google or Apple Calendar.

6. Create and Share Reports Using GravityExport

The built-in Gravity Forms export feature is restrictive (it only allows you to export entries to a CSV file, and you have to be logged in as an Admin user to do so!).

With our GravityExport add-on, you can export your form data to CSV, Excel or PDF and share reports using a secure download link. GravityExport also allows you to send reports to a remote storage location such as Dropbox, or a server using SFTP.

Two active reports set up using GravityExport

7. Perform Advanced Calculations With Math by GravityView

Our Gravity Forms Math extension allows you to perform calculations on your Gravity Forms data. You can build calculators, display the total amount donated, calculate the average age of your respondents and more.

8. Track Changes Made to Your Form Entries With Gravity Forms Entry Revisions

Our Entry Revisions add-on is a must for teams that edit Gravity Forms submissions on a regular basis. Gravity Forms doesn’t keep a record of revisions made to entries, which means one wrong click could cause you to lose important data.

Entry Revisions stores all entry updates and allows you to restore prior versions of an entry with the click of a button!

So far, we’ve looked at official Gravity Forms add-ons and Certified add-ons offered by GravityView (both of which require a paid license). Now let’s look at some powerful add-ons that you can download for free on WordPress.org.

Free Gravity Forms Add-Ons

Here are some of the popular free Gravity Forms extensions that we maintain on WordPress.org.

Eliminate Spam Submissions With Gravity Forms Zero Spam

While Gravity Forms includes Google reCAPTCHA support and a honeypot field designed to filter out spam submissions, sometimes those pesky bots still find ways to clutter your inbox with nonsense! That’s why we continue to maintain the free Gravity Forms Zero Spam plugin.

The plugin does not utilize CAPTCHAs or any other invasive methods of spam-prevention that just end up ruining the user experience. Instead, the plugin uses a version of David Walsh’s comment form code (by adding an invisible field to your forms that only bots can see, it’s easy to identify spam entries).

Many users have found that this is the only effective way to truly eliminate Gravity Forms spam. In fact, the plugin currently has over 50,000 active installs!

Export Data to Excel With GravityExport Lite

GravityExport Lite is the free version of our GravityExport add-on. With the Lite version, you can export your form entries directly to Excel (.xlsx) using a secure and shareable download URL.

Your reports will also update automatically as you add new entries, and there’s no need to log in to download the data. The plugin currently has over 10,000 active installs and is one of our most popular free Gravity Forms tools.

Tips for Installing Gravity Forms Add-Ons

First off, when installing an add-on, make sure it’s compatible with your current version of Gravity Forms. If not, be sure to install the latest version! You can check the latest version of the plugin from your Gravity Forms Account page.

The Gravity Forms Account dashboard showing the latest version of the Gravity Forms plugin

Secondly, when installing add-ons offered by third party developers who aren’t certified by Gravity Forms, be sure to check when the plugin was last updated. If it was updated recently, that’s a good sign that the developer is actively maintaining and updating their code.

💡 Pro tip: Learn more about Gravity Forms by reading How to Use Gravity Forms: The Ultimate Guide.

What Are the Best Gravity Forms Plugins?

It’s hard to say what the best Gravity Forms plugins are because the best add-ons for you are the ones that offer the features you need at the time! 

Having said that, not all add-ons are created equal. We always recommend that you stick with official Gravity Forms add-ons and those created by Certified Developers (like GravityView!). That way, you can be sure you’re getting a quality plugin with outstanding support.

Enhance Gravity Forms With Essential Add-Ons and Extensions

Gravity Forms Add-ons and extensions allow you to add power to your website by enhancing your forms with additional features and functionality.

With Gravity Forms add-ons, you can do neat things like display your form data on the front end, export entries to Excel, compile reports, perform advanced calculations and much more!

In this post, we looked at 8 examples of essential Gravity Forms add-ons and extensions. For more helpful Gravity Forms content, subscribe to our blog below, or learn more about what we offer by seeing what GravityView can do for you!

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