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It’s Coordinated Universal Time for Import Entries Version 2.2

Written by Zack Katz

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Our Gravity Forms Import Entries plugin is the best way to import a CSV into Gravity Forms. It’s an excellent tool for migrating entries from one site to another, importing Excel spreadsheets, or adding Google Sheets data to Gravity Forms.

We just released Version 2.2 of Import Entries, which adds some sweet functionality!

My Gravity Forms form must be exporting CSV data from the future!?

Timezones are a tricky problem…and not only when calling people on another coast or continent!

Gravity Forms stores data in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), but when displayed in WordPress, it shows that same data but adjusted based on the website’s timezone setting.

This led to problems. But problem solved:

GIF toggling date setting

This release includes a setting for Entry Date, Entry Updated Date, and Payment Date that allows you to time-shift to UTC. This fixes the issue of migrating Gravity Forms entries by importing them.

In addition to solving space and time, there were other changes:

  • Added support for WordPress 5.6
  • Improved Gravity Forms 2.5 support
  • Fixed an issue when importing Multiple Files
  • Updated the Turkish and Russian translations

I want this splendid update!

You can find the plugin updates by going to your site’s Dashboard, clicking on “Plugins” in the sidebar, and clicking “update now”.

You can also download the update directly from your Account page.