Gravity Forms Calendar 1.4

Gravity Forms Calendar 1.4 Released

Written by Zack Katz

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Gravity Forms is close to releasing a shiny new user interface in Version 2.5. We’re excited about the changes and have updated our Gravity Forms Calendar plugin to be fully compatible with the upcoming beta.

In addition, we made a bunch of fixes and improvements under the hood to ensure that Gravity Forms Calendar remains the best way to display Gravity Forms events!

Full Changelog:

  • Added: Compatibility with Gravity Forms 2.5
  • Added: You can now use shortcodes inside the Event Title and Event Description feed settings
  • Added: Integration with the Members plugin
  • Modified: Start time will not be displayed for all-day events
  • Fixed: GravityView widget not applying View settings (e.g., filter conditions) to events selected for display
  • Fixed: Event tooltips not may not appear for themes or plugins using Bootstrap tooltips
  • Fixed: Two-day events without start/end time would display as a one-day event
  • Fixed: Scripts/styles are enqueued when their dependencies are not registered
  • Fixed: Calendar preview throws an error when a feed has not yet been created
  • Fixed: PHP error when deactivating Calendar in GravityView Extensions installer
  • Fixed: Calendar grid looked bad with some themes due to CSS margins

Developer Updates:

  • Updated FullCalendar scripts to 4.4.2
  • Added: gravityview/calendar/events/do_shortcodes Whether to process shortcodes in the event title and event description
  • Added: gravityview/calendar/events/source_data filter to define form entries that will be used as the basis for FullCalendar events
  • Added: gravityview/calendar/options filter to modify calendar options that are passed to FullCalendar
  • Added: gravityview/calendar/events filter to modify the events array that is passed to FullCalendar
  • Added: gravityview/calendar/shortcode/render/element_attributes filter to apply attributes to the calendar container element
  • Modified: Stopped using gravityforms_edit_forms capability for access to Calendar settings. Now using gravityview_calendar capability.
  • Modified: Event description tooltips now use .gv-tooltip and .gv-tooltip-arrow classes instead of .gv_tooltip and .tooltip-arrow
  • Modified: Set .gv-fullcalendar table margin to 0 to fix display issues for the nested tables in the calendar output
  • Fixed: scripts/fullcalendar/locales_dir_url filter was not being applied