Version 1.20

Version 1.20: Edit Product & Pricing Fields

GravityView now supports editing all Gravity Forms field types!

Written by Zack Katz

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Edit existing entry in Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms doesn’t allow you to edit any order information (product options, or quantity, for example). If you try, you’ll see “Product fields are not editable”. This is a problem for many of our customers—there are valid reasons to edit this information. With Version 1.20, GravityView now makes it possible to edit order details for existing entries. It includes support for the Gravity Forms Coupon add-on, so you can even add or remove coupons. GravityView’s frontend Edit Entry feature now supports editing content for all Gravity Forms field types! ? Note: Sometimes editing purchase details is disabled by default, but you can override that. Read more about it.

Improved WPML (a translation plugin) support

TranslationsWe want to make sure GravityView works well in all languages, and in Version 1.20, we improved compatibility with WPML links when using different WPML URL formats. Next up: we’re going to improve translations for drop-down fields in the Search Bar.

Was editing an entry logging you out? That’s fixed.

There was an annoying bug with Edit Entry. You could be logged out when editing an entry, if the entry was from a form connected to the Gravity Forms User Registration Addon and there was a “Create User” feed for the form. It only affected a few of our customers, but it was very annoying. We’ve fixed the issue, and we’re glad to see it gone! For a full list of changes in Version 1.20 and 1.20.1, visit our changelog. Translation icon from Wikimedia