GravityView version 1.6.1 Update

Written by Zack Katz

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We’ve released an update that fixes small issues, mostly with the WordPress Widgets (introduced in 1.6).

Changes in 1.6.1 (Full List)

  • Added: Allow Recent Entries to have an Embed Page ID
  • Fixed: # of Recent Entries not saving
  • Fixed: Link to Embed Entries how-to on the Welcome page
  • Fixed: Don’t show “Please select View to search” message until Search Widget is saved
  • Fixed: Minor Javascript errors for new Search widget
  • Fixed: Custom templates loading from the theme directory.
  • Fixed: Adding new search fields to the View search bar widget
  • Fixed: Entry creators can edit their own entries in Gravity Forms 1.9+
  • Fixed: Recent Entries widget will be hidden in the Customizer preview until View ID is configured
  • Tweak: Added Floaty icon to Customizer widget selectors
  • Updated: Hungarian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Swedish, Turkish, and Spanish translations (thanks to all the translators!)