GravityView + WP Rocket

Announcing a Partnership with WP Rocket

Looking for a caching plugin? We've got you covered.

Written by Kiefer Szurszewski

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Here at GravityView, we’re all about supporting the WordPress community, especially other great plugins and developers. As such, we’re happy to announce a partnership with WP Rocket, one of the best caching plugins available. We use it personally on our own website, so we can attest to its awesomeness ourselves!

What is a caching plugin and why do you need one?

If you want your website to load quickly, a caching plugin is a must. In short, a caching plugin speeds up your website by saving frequently-accessed files in the visitor’s browser. Instead of re-downloading all of the images, text, and other files every time a visitor navigates to your site, resources will simply be stored in their local browser cache. Additionally, caching plugins reduce the amount of times that your website needs to access its database in order to load content. These features (and numerous others) result in dramatically-improved load times. Zoom zoom! This person holding a stopwatch represents WordPress speed improvements gained by caching.

Why do we recommend WP Rocket?

There are dozens of caching plugins available for WordPress—why do we recommend WP Rocket in particular? To put it briefly: because it’s simply the best caching plugin available. WP Rocket has a good balance between power and accessibility. It’s incredibly powerful and we’ve seen it dramatically improve the load times of our own website. Yet it’s dead-simple to use and only takes a few clicks to set up. Ultimately, we recommend WP Rocket because it works flawlessly with GravityView, and we are confident it will work well for your site.