GravityKit helps schools manage their data

Educational institutions use GravityKit to build professional websites, manage student admissions, create staff directories, connect students with researchers, and much more.

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Dozens of schools and universities use GravityKit everyday

Build powerful web applications on WordPress using Gravity Forms

GravityKit provides a toolbox of essential add-ons for Gravity Forms (the ultimate form plugin for WordPress), allowing you to easily build diverse applications on your website using a drag-and-drop interface. No coding knowledge required.

A student profile page showing the name, photo, date of birth, phone number, email address, department and date created

Build staff and student directories

Create databases or directories for your staff, and students; filter through profiles using different search criteria, and allow users to update their information directly from the front end.

Retain full control over your data with a WordPress solution

Build applications quickly using preset layouts

Easily manage student applications

Receive student applications through Gravity Forms and add them to a searchable database; filter applications based on different conditions, and import existing applications from a CSV file.

Build powerful interfaces on a budget

No code required

A student application database built using GravityView
A report approval system built for a school by web developer, Rochelle Victor

Create powerful workflows

GravityView’s built in approval system allows you to approve or reject new entries; create report approval systems, job application portals, and much more.

Manage approvals using a front end interface

Create event calendars

Hear from our existing customers

GravityKit is trusted by charities, schools, nonprofits, and other organizations

GravityView allowed us to drop our custom view we made and we were able to create a dashboard where the Dual Career Partners could look at the incoming records, update them, etc… This has saved my IT group HOURS AND HOURS away from the custom job.

Indiana University School of Medicine logo

Jon Stratford Eynon

Indiana University School of Medicine

GravityKit is affordable, with great customer service. The plugin is also constantly improving. I am in awe of how easy it was to create a fully functioning system at the fraction of the cost of other SIS systems (Student Information Systems) on the market.

Rochelle Victor, a web developer who uses Gravitykit to build information systems for schools

Rochelle Victor

Web developer

Once I noticed that we could do everything we were looking to do, get support for the product, and get access to additional add-ons, like the Import Entries add-on, I was sold…[after] we had GravityView we realized how many situations existed where we could use it to solve problems.

New Mexico State University logo

Adam Cavotta

New Mexico State University

We needed a tool for creating a user friendly directory that would allow our partners from around the world to enter their data that we could then manage / approve. Most importantly: we aren’t all that tech savvy, so we also needed an easy to work with interface.

Global Campaign for PeacEducation

Tony Jenkins

International Institute on Peace Education 

Case studies and success stories

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